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Benevolence has always been the cornerstone of Freemasonry.

Goodwill to all and a desire to help those less fortunate are fundamental principles of the Masonic Fraternity and therefore, charitable giving is a major part of membership of the Freemasons.

Freemasons engage in acts of benevolence in a variety of ways, either through simple gestures such as gift giving, or through the raising of money for a variety of funds which help a wide variety of people.

As the main benefactors of charitable institutions established by the Fraternity such as the Widows & Orphans Funds, or Teddies for Loving Care among others, and also by supporting many charities in wider society such as the Laura Lynn Foundation, the Salvation Army, Simon, SVP or the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, Freemasons of Ireland continue to put benevolence and kindness to others at the forefront of their membership.

It is the practice within the Lodge that a charity collection is taken at each of the four physical communications.

 For those Brethren who are unable to attend the physical communications, they are encouraged to submit a voluntary sum when they are paying their dues, or at any other time throughout the year.


For those wishing to do so please use the following method of Payment:


  1. Preferably -- Direct Transfer into Lodge Account -  Details can be obtained from the Secretary.
  2. By Paypal through Lodge Web-Site.
  3. Those resident in the UK who would wish to make use of the Gift Aid facility. The necessary Gift Aid envelopes etc can be obtained from the Lodge Steward of Charities.